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FLOSS Manuals: Pure Data · The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music, by Miller Puckette. Programming Electronic Music in Pd, by Johannes Kreidler 4 May 2007 Personal tools. Log in · Join. You are here: Home > documentation > manuals > Pure Data. Home · downloads · documentation · FAQ for Pd. 7 Mar 2008 the manual has moved. The link address is: documentation/manual/manual · is hosted and serviced by IEM as a contribution to 3 Jul 2007 vectorpack / vpack - attach a scalar to the end of a vector rgb2hsv - convert a list of three floats from RGB to an HSV value hsv2rgb - convert a5 Sep 2006 The sndconfig program updates this file but you can also change things manually, for instance to switch between two different sound cards.

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