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June 13th, 2019, 7:50 am

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EDMI solid state kWh meter. RODALCO2012. 7 years ago | 1.3K views. Three phase solid state Time Of Use meter. type : Atlas mk10D kWh and kVArh meter. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 3:11. EDMI solid state kWh meter. Claude Thos. 8:05. The Heathkit HD-1250 Solid State Dip Meter. Apparently these meters do 'collate' the phases in set periods (30 minutes) Actually the period is shorter than this, in the data dump from my Mk10D meter (which is in 15 minute intervals) I have intervals where power is both being imported and exported. It is netting out the load, but not on a 30 minute interval. Our house has an EDMI Atlas Mk10D smart meter for electricity, and has 2 separate kWh readings, and both are increasing, suggesting different parts of the house go to either of the 2 readings. The meter might have been originally put in via Genesis, as their stickers are around it, but we actually Hi. Has anyone had any luck using the LED pulse output on EDMI MK10D meter? I think I am getting too much light from the clear plastic on the front of the meter (total internal reflection from the side maybe??). I covered the meter with bluetac 3cm radius around the LED to stop the light getting in. Solved: I have an Edmi Atlas MK7A meter installed and have been informed by the AGL help desk that because I live in NSW I will not be able to read I propose a setup that would facilitate development and support of a true smart home using virtually real time power use data. Reference links for the EDMI advanced power meters including Mk7C and Mk7A and Mk10A Mk10D and Mk10E: AGL, our current electricity provider, recently updated us to a digital or "smart" meter. The specific model that they installed is an EDMI Atlas Mk10D. When we had the meter installed by AGL we were informed that we could opt out from the new meter. We decided to go ahead with it because it would allow us more detail of our energy usage. bringing meters to life EDMI Mk 10 Electricity Meter Atlas Se

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